Commercial Signage Intro

Derived from the French word ‘signe’ or the Latin ‘signum’, the term ‘sign’ usually refers to an identifying mark or token which is used to indicate some object. Signage consequently is the art of using signs or symbols in order to communicate a message to a specified target group. Alternatively, a collection of signs used for a designated purpose is also referred to as signage. The key factor here is the use of signs devoted for communication purposes. When the end of this communication is commercial, or when signs are used to serve mercantile needs, the entire process is referred to as commercial signage.

Signs can be used in a variety of ways in order to facilitate the process of marketing or advertisement. Any kind visual graphics created for the function of conveying information to a particular chosen group or audience. Signs vary in their types based on the purpose or intent that they serve, ranging from banners and billboards to smaller street signs or lawn signs. In recent times, digital or electronic displays are also used for commercial signage.

The basic purpose of signs, therefore, is to communicate information- such information as may influence customers to buy certain products and services or make them aware of their availability in the first place. Thus, they serve the very important motive of promotion by creating awareness amongst target audiences as well as attracting them to buy these products or services.